My Two Cents on Government Nonsense.

How do you change a system of voter suppression, if you must vote to correct the situation?

A revolution.

We must eliminate the government sanctioned, systemic oppression of upward social mobility. The poor stay poor. The middle class is shrinking and disappearing into the poor. And the rich get richer.

It is the 1% — the tiny group that reached the top of the tree first, that the masses don’t know how to stand up to. That 1% that dictates how the other 99% live. The 1% that possesses so much political sway and clout, it has been made almost impervious to attack and maybe, just maybe it would take a no-name senator from Vermont to start a revolution. To dig out the trenches around a government that is so deeply entrenched in the financial interests of the reining elite. To bring into view a revelation of corruption that is so diligently disguised by the government and seeps deeper into the core of the American dream, freezing the fire that once lit the fury of hope.

The government is too arrogant to understand its days of lies and deceit are long gone. They live in a golden haze that glazes over the reality of smog most American citizens breathe.

Bernie are you our purifier?


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